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How Do Interests become Customers?

The customer journey helps you define a path to convert your interests into customers and fans.

This template gives you everything you need to create the customer journey for your brand or business. With inspiring questions, a helpful structure and new ideas, you will manage to define your target group, choose suitable ways to get more attention and turn your prospects into true fans and customers.

What are the Features?

Let's get a little sneak peek into the template.

  • Target Group: Define your target group with the buyer persona template.
  • Customer Journey: In each step, define how people convert into the next.
  • AIDALA Model: A new way of thinking about the AIDA modell.

What are You Waiting for?

This template is free for you and everyone else. Just take a look at my work and use my template for your benefits.

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Notion Customer Journey

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