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Achieving your Goals by tracking them.

Do you want to achieve your goals and live the life you dreamed of?

Then this template could be a important part of your journey. Tracking goals, action stepps, habits and lifetime dreams can motivate to do your best every single day.

What are the features?

Let's get a little sneak peek into the template.

  • Lifetime Dreams: Create a Vision Board which leads to exact goals you want to achieve.
  • Action Steps: Make sure that you achieve your goals with clear action steps and tasks.
  • Goal Tracking: Always be clear about what you are working on
  • Habit Tracking: Track every single habit you want to acquire.

What are you waiting for?

This template is free for you and everyone else. Just take a look at my work and use my template for your benefits. If you like using the template make sure, that you write a short feedback here on gumroad for me.

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Notion Goal Tracker

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